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The Syndicate brand created a charity drop together with 3 Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All profits from sales will go to the support AZOV fund for the armed needs of the brigade.

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade is a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, formed on the basis of the "SSO AZOV Kyiv" unit, which began to be created in Kyiv from the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion of 2022. For the last six months, the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade has been defending the advanced positions of Ukraine on the Bakhmut direction.

The joint collection includes hoodies, T-shirts and caps with the image of a reinterpreted symbol - a combination of the "Idea of the Nation" and Kyiv, which is very symbolic, considering the history of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade. This combination is not the author's, it has long been actively used among the participants of the Kyiv AZOV movement. The symbol is featured on the back of t-shirts and hoodies in the form of graffiti by art duo SOC.I.A. Clothes are presented in white, blue, pink, graphite and black colors.

"The Idea of the Nation" ("ꑭ") is a sign that today has become the symbol of fighters of all Azov units, as well as Ukrainian nationalists in general. Russian propagandists continue to invent fakes about the symbolism of the Azov movement. As Western journalists mindlessly reprint them for their multi-million audience, we believe it is necessary to explain the meaning of this symbolism and popularize it among the civilian population and ordinary Kyiv residents.

The figurative symbol "Idea of ​​the Nation", which is a monogram combination of the letters I and N, has deep roots in Ukrainian symbolism and heraldry from the time of Kyivan Rus. It is found in the family coats of arms of the Olshevskyi, the Gurkyi, the Voyniv-Yasenytskyi and the Bilykovichi. Since 1992, this runic sign has become a figurative symbol of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. Today, the "Idea of ​​the Nation" sign has become one of the unofficial symbols of the armed struggle of the Ukrainian nation against the Russian invaders. This merit primarily belongs to the fighters and veterans of the Mariupol AZOV regiment.


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